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vocal remover

Vocal Remover

AI-Powered audio source separation, based on a hybrid transformer model, achieves high SNR for vocal removal and background removal. It also supports the separation of piano, guitar, bass, and drum instruments.

Real-Time Chords and Lyrics

Accurate chord matching for any song, high-precision AI lyric recognition, millisecond-level time synchronization, powerful features to unleash your music potential, including standard Transpose, Smart Transpose (real-time pitch shifting for videos), AI real-time stem separation, Loop (looping selected sections of interest), Speed adjustment (speeding up or slowing down), and more. All functionalities operate in real-time synchronized playback with the video or audio you upload.

ai tabs

AI Tabs

Serving guitar, piano, ukulele, and other instrument players, the platform offers intelligent tablature and sheet music formats. It provides MIDI playback and includes functionalities such as Transpose, Loop, and Speed adjustment. With powerful editing capabilities, you have the freedom to modify any chords and rhythms in the sheet music. The interface is user-friendly and efficient, allowing you to personalize your own performance tabs.


The melody curve of the vocal track, with high-precision vocal MIDI playback, allows for efficient editing of MIDI files. You can modify lyrics and adjust the timing of the lyrics with ease.


Interactive Learning Trainers & Practice

Provide Rich Chord Listening Exercises and Interactive Chord Recognition Practices for Beginners.

Powerful Essential Tools

Accurate Tuner and Professional Metronome are Essential Tools for Your Instrument Practice Every Day.