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Lamucal is a young entrepreneurial team composed of music enthusiasts and artificial intelligence technology geeks. With a team of 15 members, we are a vibrant and creative collective. Our members come from different parts of the world, including the United States, Brazil, Germany, Spain, India, and China. We have artificial intelligence PhDs, freelance musicians, professional instrumentalists, and individuals who are both amateur musicians and artificial intelligence technology experts. United by our love for music and shared vision, we are committed to providing innovative tool products for music enthusiasts worldwide through artificial intelligence technology,helping every music enthusiast Unleash Your Musical Genius with Lamucal.

Our AI Research
spec1Multilingual Text-to-Audio AlignmentEnd-to-end automatic text-to-audio alignment for multiple languages
spec2Precision Audio Fingerprinting for Music RecognitionHigh-precision, high-efficiency audio fingerprinting model, can be used for music recognition, audio retrieval, automated tagging, and other fields.
spec3AudioFlux: Library for Music Analysis & RetrievalAudioFlux: a library for audio and music analysis, feature extraction, music-information-retrieval
spec4Real-time Audio Source Separation with U-NetU-Net for constructing sparse masks, achieve real-time audio source separation.
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